Game Designer

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Game Designer will drive the creative development of mobile games on Android, iOS and Windows Phone. You are passionate about games and able to work in a flexible and fluid environment where the job will evolve over time.


Ljubljana, Slovenia


  • Your role is to design games that are beautiful, innovative, challenging and fun.
  • As a passionate game designer, this is your opportunity to shine in the fastest growing sector of our industry.
  • You will work with an incredible team of developers, artists, product managers and analysts to design, launch and operate mobile games.
  • You may also contribute to games already in development.
  • You will recognise and stay current with game design trends, patterns, and consumer preferences in mobile games and entertainment.


  • You will have released several games, at least one on a mobile device.
  • A passion for marrying user test data with expert intuition.
  • An eye for understanding the game’s target audience and developing accessible features and onboarding.
  • A burning desire to integrate content directly in the game via scripting languages and tools.
  • Skill creating and updating well-thought-out design documents and communicating vision to the team.
  • Ample experience playing current and past mobile games, specially in the free-to-play market.
  • The ability to collaborate closely with a product team including programmers and artists.
  • Strong interpersonal skills to deal with sensitive and contentious matters; influencing and inspiring skills.
  • A fun engaging personality with a passion for games of all sorts, sizes and styles!


  • Detailed experience of the games market and current consumer expectations.
  • 3 years taking games from concept to delivery and live operation.
  • You have experience designing multiplayer games and game reward systems.
  • Strong communication skills and are fluent in English.


  • Employment relationship with Ekipa2 d.o.o. for an indefinite period of time with a six month probationary period.
  • Work in a regulated business environment.
  • Diverse Work with daily new challenges in a young team of interesting colleagues and a relaxed working environment.
  • The opportunity for personal and professional development.
  • Participation in attractive projects.


An attractive compensation package will be constructed consisting of base salary and participation through stock option plan.


Zahtevane so izkušnje na področju načrtovanja iger za mobilne naprave. Sklenitev delovnega razmerja nudimo za nedoločen delovni čas s šestmesečnim poskusnim delom v podjetju Ekipa2 d.o.o., s sedežem v Ljubljani. Rok za prijavo: 28.2.2017
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