Game-Monetisation Expert

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We are looking for an exceptional Game-Monetisation Expert with a passion for making state-of-the-art monetisation components in mobile apps. You will be responsible for building a free-to-play in-game economy in Outfit7's new, mid-core and casual apps as well as challenge and optimise existing apps' economies. Your main focus will be development of in-game economies that are balanced (engaging for users) and drive monetisation. You will collaborate with the game-design team and the analytics department, to make sure your crazy monetisation ideas come to life. Come join us at our beautiful office in Ljubljana and be a part of the great team creating amazing apps with close to 6 billion downloads!


Ljubljana, Slovenia


  • Develop and monitor economy/monetisation components for mobile games.
  • Suggest and drive new ideas for increasing user engagement and monetisation.
  • Work very closely with game-design team to develop a successful game.
  • Work with a team of analysts to propose new features and define, collect and analyse metrics.
  • Work efficiently as part of the team.


  • In-depth understanding of game monetisation components.
  • Have that feeling for what makes a good game.
  • Ability to make data-driven decisions.
  • Analytical thinking.
  • Passion for making great games users will love.
  • Positive, make-it-happen, lead-by-example attitude.
  • Eager to work in startup environment with short life-cycles and aggressive schedules.


  • Experience with various game monetisation approaches and best practices.
  • Equivalent industry experience and success.
  • 2+ years as a monetisation designer or similar role in the gaming industry.
  • Knowledge and understanding of game design fundamentals.
  • Familiar with data-analytics methodology and statistical methods is a plus.


  • Employment relationship with Ekipa2 d.o.o. (fully owned subsidiary of Outfit7 Limited) for an indefinite period of time with a six month probationary period.
  • Work in a friendly business environment.
  • Diverse Work with daily new challenges in a young team of interesting colleagues and a relaxed working environment.
  • The opportunity for personal and professional development.
  • Participation in attractive projects.


An attractive compensation package will be constructed consisting of base salary and participation through phantom stock option plan.

Strokovnjak za monetizacijo iger (Ž / M)

Zahtevane so bogate izkušnje iz področja monetizacije mobilnih aplikacij. Sklenitev delovnega razmerja nudimo za nedoločen delovni čas s šestmesečnim poskusnim delom v podjetju Ekipa2 d.o.o., s sedežem v Ljubljani. Rok za prijavo: 31.5.2017
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