Licensing Talking Tom and Friends is an excellent idea! Talking Tom and Friends are known and loved throughout the world. Talking Tom and Friends count major FMCG and QSR brands in its growing roster of licensees. Recognized globally, the brand’s continued growth attracts licensees from plush to apparel, to gift and novelties.

Talking Tom and Friends reached more than 3.2 billion user downloads and they’re growing rapidly!

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A is for Apps … but that is not all!

Talking Tom and Friends are not a mobile-only brand. They starred in the acclaimed web series and users want more. They generated over 1.6 billion views on You Tube and the number just keeps rising. And that’s not all! They have their own animated series now!

They love music too. Talking Tom and Talking Angela turned heads when they appeared in their very first single You Get Me, which was viewed over 185 million times on You Tube and 15 million times on Vevo, and Talking Angela recorded her first solo song That’s Falling in Love.

There are over 250 million monthly active users!

Dial M for Merchandise

These days little children and those a little older own a Talking Tom and Friends merchandise all over the world, mostly plush toys. But we would not be true to our own motto if we did not up the stakes with toys. In 2012, we introduced Talking Friends Superstar toys which connect with mobile apps and bring out a whole new toying experience.

Along with plush and hi-tech toys, Talking Tom and Friends merchandise also extends across apparels, school accessories, mobile phones covers and a lot more. We are working on many more, but some can be seen on Talking  Tom and Friends Shop website.

Fans all over the world, in 230 countries and territories, are active and enjoy all our products, not just apps!

Redial M for Media

Talking Tom and Friends own the media sphere. They even appeared in the highly acclaimed series Modern Family and their apps were promoted in USA Today. In December 2012 they also performed in Hollywood in front of a real audience!

Excited fans witnessed wonderful shows in Hollywood!

Talking Tom and Friends will rock your world!

Talking Tom and his friends are as real as they come. They have feelings, interests, a sense of humor … They are alive and they are very active. You can check out their very own style guide, if you do not believe us!

Fans can’t get enough of our characters! They interact with them on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter every day.

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