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Talking Tom

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Talking Tom Shorts ep.28 – Tangled in Space (Planet Hop)


Talking Tom, Talking Angela and Talking Hank are in outer space! But Tom’s got his eye on reaching a particular star, which is just out of reach. Who knew getting a gift for Talking Angela would be so… out of this world!

Talking Tom Shorts ep.26 – What Should Angela Wear?


A closet full of dresses and still nothing to wear? Sound familiar? To make things worse, Talking Tom is taking Talking Angela to concert so she needs to look good and be on time!

Talking Tom Shorts ep.25 – Sticky Jellies


Talking Angela loves making cakes. But when it comes to decorating the cake for Talking Tom’s birthday, things get messy pretty quickly!

Talking Tom Shorts ep.24 – Wake Up!


Talking Angela’s having sweet dreams and doesn’t want to wake up, no matter what The Hand does.

Talking Tom And Friends

Follow the latest adventures of Talking Tom and the gang!

Season Finale – A Secret Worth Keeping (The Complete Trilogy)


Will they? Won’t they? Find out what happens between Talking Tom and Talking Angela right here in this exclusive, three-episode season finale compilation!

Episode #51 – A Secret Worth Keeping: Part Three


Talking Angela realises it’s time to reveal her secret when things start to spiral out of control. But will it be too late?

Episode #50 – A Secret Worth Keeping: Part Two


There’s more than just Talking Angela’s love life at stake when the CEO calls for a meeting with Tom and Ben Enterprises.

The Epic Season Finale of Talking Tom and Friends – Trailer


We can’t keep it to ourselves any longer: the season finale is almost here! Watch “A Secret Worth Keeping: Part 2” on Thursday 15th and the BIG FINALE, “A Secret Worth Keeping: Part 3” on Thursday 22nd! The countdown starts NOW!

Talking Angela

Check out the latest fashion and lifestyle tips from Talking Angela.

Talking Angela – Fun Wintertime Ideas


Hey #LittleKitties! It may be cold, but winter can be really fun – I promise! I’ve made this compilation video to give you a few hints and tricks on how to have LOADS OF FUN at this time of year!

My Talking Angela Stickers – A Day in My Life


Did you know that there’s a story behind every “My Talking Angela” sticker page? I bet you’re curious now! So I’m going to share a few with you!

Merry Christmas from Talking Angela (Music Tutorial)


Aren’t the holidays just the best? I’ve been feeling so festive that I decided to record my own version of “Jingle Bells”! Learn how to play the xylophone and sing along with me!

Talking Angela – Healthy Vegan Ice Cream


I don’t know about you, but I ADORE ice cream!! That’s why I’m super excited about my latest recipe. It’s e the easiest, quickest ice cream recipe. And it’s healthy!

Talking Tom and Friends Minis

Mini in size, but massive in fun!

Minis #13 – #16 – Binge Compilation


Is there anything better than binge-watching “Talking Tom and Friends Minis”? Nope! Here’s another four episodes – just for you!

Minis #9 – #12 – Binge Compilation


Catch up on all the adorable adventures of Talking Tom and the gang in this four-episode compilation!

Minis #24 – New Year’s Wishes


It’s almost New Year’s Eve! The gang are getting ready to celebrate together. But will they meet up in time for the countdown to midnight?

Minis #23 – The Lost Drone


A drone malfunction leaves Talking Ginger without his favorite toy. Will Talking Ben be able to get it back for him?

Talking Ginger

Take a sneak peek into the amazing world of Talking Ginger’s imagination.

Talking Ginger’s Great Story Book


It’s time for the most epic Story Time of all! Nine of Talking Ginger’s amazing stories are now in one place – just for you! They’re filled with magic, treasure and adventure. Are you ready for the fun?

Talking Ginger Learns – Cars, Trains and Ships (Compilation)


Find out what kinds of vehicles Talking Ginger loves the most in this incredible three-episode compilation.

Talking Ginger’s Story Time – A Visit from Space


Will Talking Ben find aliens using his invention? Let’s watch to find out!

Talking Ginger Learns – Amazing Animals (Compilation)


Aren’t animals amazing? In this awesome three-episode collection, you can learn all about the world’s biggest, best and most bizarre animals with the one-and-only Talking Ginger!