Talking Angela gets her own app
October 27, 2012
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Bringing a sense of flair, style and je ne sais quoi to the otherwise raggedy bunch of Talking Friends –many who make cameos in the new app – Talking Angela marks the evolution of the Talking Friends apps with its built-in chatbot. The feline siren’s first stand-alone app not only repeats, but she also listens, understands and responds.

Set on a cozy street of Paris, Talking Angela brings Angela’s social nature and love for chatting it up about shopping and fashion with her friends’ center stage. Like her counterparts, Talking Angela is designed for young kittens and more mature cats-alike. A true chatterbox, Talking Angela is up for any conversation and any question. Talking Angela will also launch as a Facebook app, a first for Outfit7, with which you users can chat and interact

Engaging, Talking Angela encourages fans to open and read fortune cookies with hilarious messages. For more fun family play fare like her Talking Friends counterparts, in child’s mode Talking Angela repeat what one says in her fancy voice; as well as poking and petting her for a variety of reactions like sneezing and more.

Evoking immediate laughter, waves of energy and good vibes from people of all ages, the collection of apps will soon hit 600 million downloads, with more than 120 million active monthly users. The app follows Talking Angela and Talking Tom’s chart-topping duet “You Get Me,” with more than 50 million views. Talking Angela will also feature the second Talking Friends song, “That’s Falling In Love.” A Talking Friends web short series earlier generated over 100 million views in just a few months.

Available for free, Talking Angela will be available in November.