Ginger’s Birthday App: FREE on iOS and Android
April 29, 2013
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Parties are all about fun, games and good food and there are plenty of both in Ginger’s Birthday, now available for free on both iOS and Android devices.

Set in Talking Tom’s backyard where Talking Ginger is enjoying his big day with party whistles, candles, games and good food – both healthy and sweet. Every time players feed Talking Ginger, make some noise with the party whistle and blow all the candles out, a new puzzle piece is unlocked. Each time a new puzzle piece is unlocked, children can see photos of Talking Ginger as a newborn, what the Talking Friends brought for his birthday and more. Currently, there are 40 puzzles, plus an option to scatter the pieces to put them back together.

Ginger’s Birthday follows in the paw-steps of the wildly popular Talking Ginger app – downloaded 52 million times – in which players get Ginger ready for bed by washing and drying him, and brushing his teeth. Ginger’s toothbrush timer is used by nearly 1.7 million people around the world each day.

Party whistles and birthday cakes are mandatory at any birthday party, and Ginger’s is no exception although he could use a special touch and a little help blowing them out. Ginger’s Birthday app the candles aren’t just any candles. Be ready for the look on Ginger’s face when all the candles are blown out… it is priceless. Nutritionally suggestive, Ginger’s Birthday also helps children learn a good and balanced diet as players help him pick from a wide variety of yummy snacks including veggies, fruits and sumptuous sweets. The Eat alongside Ginger option encourages children to eat all of their food, because Talking Ginger eats all his food too!

Ginger’s Birthday App is available for FREE on iOS and Android.

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