Outfit7 launches innovative jigsaw puzzle app
September 12, 2013
Press Releases

Outfit7, the creators of the hugely successful Talking Tom franchise, has launched Jigty, a new jigsaw puzzle app available free on iOS immediately, and on Android from 14 September 2013. Jigty reinvents the traditional puzzle experience creating fun and interactive jigsaws for puzzle lovers of all ages.

Jigty’s novel design, an innovation in jigsaw puzzle apps, means that no two pieces are the same and each piece can be rotated, giving the user a more realistic puzzle experience. Puzzles are available in hundreds of stunning images or users can create a puzzle from their own photos.

Jigty has been designed to appeal to all ages. Beginners can choose to use the guidelines to help snap the pieces into places on puzzles of 4 – 25. The more experienced puzzlers can demonstrate their puzzle prowess by choosing any number of pieces up to 625.

Jigty also creates a new puzzle community, with time trials and tournament packs for users to challenge their friends, and a Facebook page for sharing their Jigty puzzle ideas and experiences.

“Outfit7 stands for fun, interactivity and engagement in app design,” said Samo Login, CEO and Founder of Outfit7. “We are constantly pushing the boundaries in app functionality and with Jigty we have taken the imagination and creativity that made Talking Tom so successful into the jigsaw world.”

Download Jigty for iphone here and on ipad here.
Available on Google play from 14.09.13.

Full press release (.pdf, 114kB)