Talking Tom to feature in Tesco’s new Hudl TV ad campaign
October 7, 2013
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Talking Tom, the world’s most popular entertainment app has been chosen by Tesco to feature in its TV ad campaign to promote the supermarket chain’s new Hudl tablet. The tv ad starts on Monday 7 October as part of a multi-media advertising campaign in the UK created with W+K.The Tesco Hudl offers a world of entertainment and connectivity which is highlighted in the TV commercial that features two kids captivated by Talking Tom as they interact and play with Talking Tom on Tesco’s new tablet.

As with the Hudl, Talking Tom is family friendly. The loveable cat and his other Talking Friends have received 1.2 billion downloads to date. Talking Friends are unique fully animated 3D characters who come to life when poked, tickled and played with. Fully interactive, they engage in friendly, two-way conversations with users and repeat what they say.

Tesco’s Hudl offers the fun, convenience and excitement of tablets to families across the UK.

About Outfit7
Outfit7 ( is an entertainment company and the creator of Talking Tom and Talking Friends. In 2010 Outfit7 launched the innovative Talking Tom Cat app and within three years the popular franchise reached a record of over one billion downloads. The Talking Friends collection, which includes 14 characters, has since become a global entertainment phenomenon and Outfit7 has expanded its innovative and interactive character offering from apps in to the physical world of video, music and merchandise.
The company has headquarters in Limassol, Cyprus and subsidiaries in Palo Alto, USA; London, England; Ljubljana, Slovenia; and Seoul, South Korea.

About Tesco Hudl
Hudl is a new 7 inch HD tablet that aims to open up a world of entertainment and connectivity to all. It has been designed by Tesco for its 20 million customers and more, focusing on accessibility and convenience. With super-fast 1.5GHz quad-core processor and dual-band Wi-Fi, users will find Hudl a great companion for their needs, from films, music and TV through to staying in touch, learning new things, shopping and playing games. The scratch-resistant HD display screen is beautifully clear and with 243 pixels per inch, it’s perfect for enjoying HD movies in 16:9 widescreen. It has up to 9 hour video battery life and 16GB of memory which can be extended to 48GB. For more information visit