October 27, 2016
Our characters

That’s right. 5 billion downloads. Isn’t that amazing? But that’s not all! We’ve now got 300 million monthly active users, and two games in AppAnnie’s global top 10 September 2016 index.

It turns out that wonderful users like you, found all around the globe, have cumulatively spent more than 10.5 billion hours in our apps. That’s a lot of happiness!

In return, you’ve petted Talking Tom and Talking Angela over 7.2 billion times in their flagship apps. You’ve helped Angela collect 22 billion stickers (which, if stuck next to each other, would form a circle around the equator 25 times). You’ve picked up 2.1 quadrillion gold bars in Talking Tom Gold Run (13 times the total amount of the world’s gold). You’ve even given Tom his favorite food – French fries – 4.2 billion times!

For all this happiness and more, we want to say thanks. Here’s to the next 5 billion downloads, and the fun and laughs that they’ll bring to all of us.