Beijing, China.

A global hub right in the center of one of our key markets.


Work wherever feels more comfortable for you.


Just like the city, our Beijing office also has an agile mindset.


A smaller team means everyone knows when your birthday is coming up.

Not sure about moving to Beijing?

Beijing is where East meets West.

But there are many other reasons you 
would love living and working in Beijing.

Surrounded by history

Beijing is one of the oldest cities in the world and it isn't afraid to show it.


It isn't a cultural, political, and economical hub of China for nothing.

Cultural heritage

Rich cultural heritage ranging from traditional Peking opera and medicine to acrobatic performances and folklore.

Cycle to work

It's one of the bicycle capitals of the world, with over 1,000 km of cycling lanes.

Art is life

Beijing has it all, from traditional calligraphy and Chinese-style paintings to modern galleries and movies.

Tai Chi

Learn the ancient art of movement and take care of your well-being in a traditional way.

All open roles in Beijing.

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