Limassol, Cyprus.

A cozy coastal town with a Mediterranean soul.


A multicultural team that will make you feel welcome.


We are a small and super-connected squad, that gets the job done no matter what.


Now's your chance to buff up your table tennis skills.

Not sure about Limassol's island vibes?

Limassol is the team that connects all the dots.

But there are many other reasons you 
would love living and working in Limassol.

Quality of living

Just look up images of Limassol and imagine yourself living there.

Rich cultural tradition

Get immersed in the cultural crossroad between Europe and Asia that is Cyprus.


Relocating there with your family is not only easy but also rewarding.


Seaside, mountains, vineyards, volcanoes. You just gotta see it.


Once the home of Aphrodite, this lovely island lets you experience ancient architecture.

It's an island

It is! Need we say more?

Still can't decide?

Make sure you get all the relevant information.

Top open roles in Limassol.

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