1st Prize: Marina Ovchinnikova
Miss Marina Ovchinnikova
2nd Prize: John Louie Caro
Mr John Louie Caro
3rd Prize: Rok Kleva Ivančić
Mr Rok Kleva Ivančić

Our Create & Conquer Grand Champion

Marina Ovchinnikova is the talented winner of this year’s inaugural Create & Conquer challenge.

Entries for our first-ever Create & Conquer challenge came in from all over the globe over the past few months. There were epic submissions from a huge number of talented creatives, but one artist stood out… Marina Ovchinnikova. We were immediately hooked by the engaging story she created and her relatable character, Otto.

We were also thrilled to award the runners-up prizes to John Louie Caro and Rok Kleva Ivančić who submitted some inspiring work to the challenge.

Didn’t make it to the top this year? No worries, see you next year with fresh, outstanding ideas. But for now, there you have it, ladies and gentlemen – this year’s competition-winning artists!

Create & Conquer

The Outfit7 Art Challenge

Are you a Creator of Worlds!?

If you’re just another paintbrush monkey, then keep walking. But if you reckon you’re a creative force with groundbreaking ideas dripping from every pore, then stop right there. We have a challenge with your name on it.

Right now, mobile gaming is dominated by the fierce battles of epic strategy games and the high-speed reflexes of endless runners, so those are the kind of game mechanics that we want you to build your concept around. But when it comes to the look, the feel and the flavor of your concept we want something totally new. We’re not interested in copycats and clones. It takes originality, independent thinking, and some serious balls to stand out from the crowd and define the future.

We’re one of the world’s biggest and best mobile game developers, and we’re on the hunt for a market-conquering game. We’re offering a top prize of 15,000 euros to the artist who can most impress us with their imagination, creativity, and vision. But that’s not all. If your work really blows us away, a future working with us at the cutting edge of digital entertainment awaits you.

So, are you game?

The audience

The ultimate audience for your art is passionate mobile gamers. They particularly enjoy game experiences that are challenging, engaging, and compelling. And they’re willing to fight to the very end in games that involve strategic planning, battles, and contests. Achievers who are motivated to reach their goal, they thrive on competition and love to win. For them, the characters and worlds in the games they play seriously matter.

Art Brief

Each entry will need to address the following:
  • Character design
  • Environment art
  • Game mechanics

The main focus is on character design, but your character also needs to be seen in his/her/its native environment, as well as being associated or combined with one of the listed game mechanics (see below). Keep in mind that the character you create needs to be suitable for potential integration into all of the listed game genres, and for expansion into non-app worlds (video, licensing, etc). The character must be unique, must tell a compelling story, and must generate an emotional response in the gamer.

Choose one (or combine two or more) of the game mechanics listed below:
  • Tower defense
  • Massive online battle arena (MOBA)
  • Battle builder
  • Endless racer


The Create & Conquer challenge will have 1 winner and 2 runners-up. Since great work deserves a great reward, the winner will receive a cash prize of 15,000 euros (1st place). The two runners-up will receive 5,000 euros each (2nd and 3rd place). And if your art leads us to create a successful game, we want you to be part of it; details will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.


To throw your hat in the ring and compete for the chance to win the Create & Conquer challenge, please submit:
  • One high-resolution poster-like completed entry with the character placed in their environment (1,250px width x 2,000px height).
  • One isolated front-view image of the character (1,250px width x 2,000px height).
  • One isolated back-view image of the character (1,250px width x 2,000px height).
  • Work-in-progress images to show how your artwork was created. This should include silhouettes, sketches, progress shots, and so on – anything to show the progress and evolution of the final pieces of art that you submit.
  • Description (max. 100 words) of the story of the game that your art depicts. Please detail who the characters are, what kind of environment they exist in, and what the ultimate goal of the game is, etc.

Judging Criteria

The entries will be judged on their creative and narrative merits. The characters should tell a compelling story and produce an emotional response. The design of the environment and consideration of the game mechanics will also be crucial components of an entry’s success.


You have until 12pm CET on 31 October, 2017
to submit your entry.

Winners Announcement

Winners will be announced on this page
no later than on 7th of December 2017.

Original Artwork

Entries must be new artwork specifically made for the Create & Conquer challenge, and cannot be based on the concept art of another artist, and shouldn’t
infringe any IP rights.

Create artwork that shows us the next generation
of mobile games.