Why Fun Matters
Boris Dolenc,Chief Creative Officer at Outfit7

Here at Outfit7, our mission has always been to entertain, using infectious humor and creativity to empower the inner child in us all. Since the very beginning, back in 2010 when we launched the first Talking Tom Cat app, we wanted to make the world laugh with us. And today, with over 10 billion downloads and 40+ billion video views, we can say we succeeded in our mission. And we couldn’t be prouder.

So, for me, every day spent working in this industry feels like a “benefit”. Especially here at Outfit7 because our jobs don’t feel like jobs in the traditional sense. There’s no boredom. No drudgery. And we don’t dread coming to work in the morning. We’re literally paid to have fun and play games. What’s not to love about that?

Since mobile gaming is our core business, everyone at Outfit7 is encouraged to log time playing and testing our games, making sure they’re the best they can be for our users. And we mean everyone – from Game Designers and HR to me and the rest of the management team. We all pitch in and play on, laughing and helping make great games, ones that are known and loved around the world. I couldn’t be prouder of the work we do here.

We’re lucky. It’s true. After all, even the “ordinary” work things we do are fun. We have weekly floor and monthly company meetings where the whole team meets up to find out what other departments are doing. Hear about others’ achievements. We let the whole team in on what the future holds for us as a company, and as a family. There are jokes as well as the important work of company communication. And the result? We’re a strong unit, even though we’re spread across continents.

We’re strong because our work is to laugh together, and play. After all, fun transcends all barriers. That’s what we take so seriously and try to share with our users, no matter who or where they are in the world. Fun.

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