Living in One of Europe’s Smallest Capitals, Creating Art for the World
by Helder Lopes, Art VP of Design and Animation at Outfit7

The art we produce at Outfit7 is seen by over 348 million people on a monthly basis. For me, that’s a huge motivation – not to mention a big responsibility.

For a lot of artists, the reality is that you can do great work, but it might never get beyond your hard drive, it may never get the recognition it deserves. I’m constantly humbled and thankful that my team is able to create art that has a global impact. And we stand behind the end products – after all, we polish and perfect every detail. That’s part of the reason I love working at Outfit7 Group; here, quality always comes before quantity.

It’s a crazy contrast when you think about it – millions of people around the world see the art that we produce in Ljubljana, one of Europe’s smallest capital cities! Only around 300,000 people live here. But Ljubljana is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. And you’ve gotta take my word for it – I say that as a Portuguese guy. I’ve got no horse in this race!

I actually lived in Sheffield before moving to Ljubljana back in 2014. To be honest, I got tired of the UK. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great place and I still have good friends there, but I wanted a change from the weather and the stress of my commute, which was filled with loads of other stressed out, exhausted people. I was looking for a new adventure. I’d never been to Ljubljana before, but it seemed pretty cool to me, right from that first visit. There are no cars in the city center, instead there are loads of green areas and great cafes and restaurants. I love the everyday vibe of it. And I love that it takes me no more than 15 minutes to get to work every day.

Today, I live in the city center and Cafetino, my favorite coffee place in town, is right next to my apartment. That means that on the weekends, I just have to roll out of bed and head downstairs, where they whip up my “regular”. Before I know it, I’m back home enjoying a little Playstation time before lunch. It’s the perfect start to the weekend!

But as awesome as my weekends are, what’s great about this job is that I don’t live for them – my weeks are pretty amazing too. I recently became a VP in the Art and Animation department at Outfit7 (Ekipa2 subsidiary). And what I liked the most was that our team dynamic didn’t change much. I still go to Magda (a cool place in the center of Ljubljana) for our usual Friday night beers and everyone still shares their ideas in the same way because at Outfit7, a great idea wins out over job titles any day of the week. We also continue to share our talents and knowledge with each other at our internal workshops.

Teamwork and responsibility are two of our core values. It sounds great on paper, but it’s even better in reality. It means that the office is relaxed; we can be friends and mess around, and it never impacts the quality of our work. In fact, I think it makes it better. This is exactly what I need at this stage of my life – a place where I feel good on a personal level, and evolve on a professional one.