March, 2018
On a Mission to Develop Games for Billions!
by Marko Marolt, Technology Software Engineer
at Ekipa2 d.o.o. subsidiary

It was 2010 when I sat at my kitchen table with my mom and sister laughing for about two hours straight at an app we’d just downloaded. It was a cat that repeated everything you said in a funny voice… Yeah, you guessed correctly, I’m talking about the Talking Tom Cat! If I think about it, that was my first contact with Outfit7. At the time I was just about to start college and wasn’t sure where my focus should go. And then, while playing the Talking Tom game, I had my eureka moment. The game was fun, the company had a big subsidiary in Slovenia, and I’ve always loved games. I knew then that I’d found my dream job and I’d do anything to join the Outfit7 Group!

It might sound like the beginning to some fairytale, but it’s true. My plan was to enroll in the Faculty of Computer and Information Science at the University of Ljubljana and learn to program, which I did. After college I went to get some hands-on experience right away. I got myself a job as an Android developer working on an app for a “farming” module, which helps farmers manage their farm company. But I knew that wasn’t enough. I wanted to have more actual app development experience. So, every day after work, I started developing apps with a friend of mine. One of the two apps we created was a photo challenge app. By winning challenges posted by your friends or other people you were able to gather “experience” points and unlock new levels by completing challenges.

Two years went by before I felt I was ready to hit submit on my Outfit7 job application. But they actually had no open jobs at the time. But that didn’t stop me from applying and I was really happy when I got their email with an invitation to interview! The interview process that followed really wowed me. I was impressed at how well the company wanted to get to know me as a person. How much time they invested in finding out whether I’d be a good fit for the culture. Ultimately though it was the two games that I developed in my free time that got me the job. My interviewer just said: “If this is your work, I have no more questions.” It all felt unreal, like make believe. I stopped and wondered whether this could be true. Did I really succeed with my mission?! Yeah, I did, because on May 16, 2016, I joined the company.

The people I work with put a smile on my face every day with their positive energy and enthusiasm. There’s no backstabbing, no individualization. As a team, we have each other’s backs in good and bad times. We all own our own #hit and make it happen – two of my favorite Outfit7 values, by the way. But what does it means to “make it happen”? Well, in the summer of 2017, the company decided to expand our reach from four to 14 Android app stores in China. And the Chinese market was a whole new world. The challenge of adapting our code to the specifics of the Chinese market threw me out of my comfort zone and into completely new territory. My stress level was sky high! I had so many questions and so few answers. But we worked together as a team and we worked hard. That summer, my team and I helped the company adapt the code for My Talking Tom, My Talking Angela, and My Talking Hank, allowing us to successfully expand into 14 new Chinese Android app stores, just as we planned. It was a huge step forward in bringing our popular games to the Chinese market, which in turn brought with it a huge increase in downloads and DAU.

Making that happen brought with it a real feeling of “Yes, we did it!” And it also brought a big reward because my coworkers noticed my efforts and I won the company’s NoLimit award in July 2017! It’s a really special monthly award given to someone who’s gone above and beyond. Someone who’s done something extra for their colleagues, or went the extra mile in their job. If you’re the one who gets it, it means that the people you work with recognize that you’ve done something incredible. And the reward shows that the company appreciates the difference you brought to the general culture, the vibe at the office, or to your job. I was given an extra day of holiday, which was amazing, as well as a great cash bonus! It was totally sweet! Speaking about vacation. You won’t believe what happened to me during my last trip. I was in Croatia and I was walking through the lobby of my hotel. And there I saw these two kids playing Talking Tom Camp and My Talking Angela. They were having such a blast! Knowing that people from all over the world enjoy playing the games you’ve helped to create is the best feeling.

Actually, it’s the second best – the absolute best feeling was getting the job at Outfit7! And if you’re on that mission too, let me know if you need any tips and tricks! 😉

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