August, 2017
Welcome to Nerdland
by Stiliyan Ivanov Junior Quality Engineer
at Ekipa2 d.o.o. subsidiary

I remember my first coffee in the jungle. Not the literal jungle, of course, but rather the jungle-themed coffee place in Outfit7’s Ljubljana office. I went there with Ines, our HR manager. As we walked in together, one of the guys asked if I was her new victim. As everyone LOLed, Ines just gave me this look, as if to say, “Oh, that kind of joking around is totally normal here!” Right then, I knew this would be an awesome place to work.

But how did I get to Slovenia, Ljubljana and Outfit7 Group? Well, that story got started about four years ago. I’d been visiting my mate Allan in Ljubljana for his birthday three years in a row and fallen in love with the city. It wasn’t just the super friendly people who lived there (and spoke English!) or the beautiful views of the surrounding countryside or even Metelkova City (the ultimate alternative party place) – it was for all of those reasons and more.

At the time, my mate Allan was working as a Director of QA at Outfit7 (Ekipa2 subsidiary) so I’d been hearing positive stories about the company for years. I asked him to let me know if there were any open positions at Outfit7 Group and then, one day, there was one in QA! “You’ll fit like a glove here,” he said, “it’s basically a company full of your clones!” I applied, joined Ekipa2 in October 2016, and the rest, as they say, is history.

What still fascinates me about Outfit7’s culture is how relaxed the atmosphere in the office is, but how seriously the work is taken at the same time. We all work like crazy, but we’re encouraged to be silly and relaxed while we do it. And it’s really rewarding to see that your ideas are taken seriously and that you’re never dismissed – no matter who you talk to. Outfit7’s structure is flat, which I really like. An outsider looking around the office wouldn’t be able to tell the CEO from a junior developer – not from the usual office clues, like what we wear, where we sit, or even how we act around and talk to each other.

The culture at Outfit7 is great. I feel like I can grow professionally and personally here, while at the same time I’m completely free to be me. That’s the best motivation and reward. And I love living in Ljubljana. Even on a junior salary, I was able to rent my own flat, buy a PS4 Pro, and have way more disposable income than I had back in the UK. I have to say, life here is great!

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