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Nov 30,

Slovenian Games Conference





arrow_right How will you choose who gets a ticket?
We want to find people who are as excited about the games industry as we are. Since we can’t talk to you all in person, selections will be based on your application pitch.
arrow_right Who can attend SGC Talent Lab?
You have to be 18+ and in love with games.
arrow_right Do I need to bring any equipment for the workshops?
You don’t need any equipment, but a laptop may come in handy, especially if you want to program alongside us in our live coding session!
arrow_right When and where will this take place?
SGC Talent Lab will be a part of the 2019 Slovenian Games Conference in Ljubljana, which takes place on 30 November at the Exhibition and Convention Center (Gospodarsko razstavišče) in Ljubljana.
arrow_right Will I need to buy a separate ticket for SGC?
No. SGC Talent Lab tickets include the same access and perks as standard SGC tickets.
arrow_right Why are we organising this?
Because it takes talent to make awesome games, but it also takes the right skills and experience! We’re doing this to help you take the next step on your game-making journey and give you the chance to connect with the games community in Slovenia.