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With over 40 hours of original content and 72 billion global views, our video content opens up worlds of fun for everyone. From award-winning 3D CGI animation and lifestyle videos, to action-packed gameplays, we’ve got it all. Tune in to watch our online channels on your device or turn on the television to join the adventure at home – the choice is yours!

Talking Tom Shorts

Come along on the adventure!
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These short episodes are definitely not short on the fun! Talking Tom and his friends get up to all sorts of shenanigans and action-packed adventures that will have you laughing from start to finish.

Talking Tom & Friends Animated Series

Join the friendship!
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Follow Talking Tom and his friends as they chase their big dreams and get tangled up in even bigger adventures. This friendship-focused sitcom brings together all our Talking Tom & Friends characters, and showcases captivating storylines. It’s fun for the whole family!

Talking Tom Heroes

Take a sneak peek into the amazing world of Talking Tom Heroes.
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Talking Tom and his friends are here to save the world and prove that friendship is a superpower! This mini crew of heroes use their superpowers to protect the city, defend nature, and fight the bad guys. Together, they can do anything!

Talking Angela

Welcome to Angela’s world!
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This is Talking Angela’s place to share all of her favorite things, from fabulous fashion and makeup, to music videos, cartoons, and all the adventures she goes on with her friends. Angela loves company, so join in and explore her world!

Mythic Legends

The battle has begun!
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Legendary warriors from all around the empire are gathering in the arena to see who will craft the ultimate strategy and seize victory. The battle is yours to win! In this Mythic Legends video, we share battle strategies, synergy tips, and more to help you smash through the leagues. Watch now and get your game off to a legendary start.