Talking Tom Heroes

Take a sneak peek into the amazing world of Talking Tom Heroes.

Talking Tom Heroes: The Adventure Begins! (Playlist)


Introducing Talking Tom Heroes! Together they’re super friends and superheroes. They’re here to save the day!

Talking Tom Heroes – Beat the Raccoon (Episode 2)


BANG! The Raccoon Robber has busted into the library and taken hostages! Now it’s up to the Talking Tom Heroes to find a way to stop him in his tracks.

Talking Tom Heroes – Giant Bubble Trouble (Episode 3)


HELP! Talking Ginger and his friends have been captured by giant bubbles and they’re floating away, higher and higher into the sky…

Talking Tom Heroes – The Missing Hero Crystal (Episode 4)


Talking Tom and Friends must save the life of a beached whale. But Talking Tom’s Power Crystal is missing. DISASTER! Can he help his friends without his superpowers?!

Talking Tom And Friends

Follow the latest adventures of Talking Tom and the gang!

PREMIERE! The New CEO | Season 4 Episode 22


The CEO’s left Goldie the goldfish in charge of his company! But things get even weirder when Talking Hank’s the only one who knows what his old fishy pal wants…

Boyfriend Stealer | Season 4 Episode 21


As everyone prepares for a big town dance, Talking Angela becomes suspicious that Talking Tom’s spending a lot of time with Talking Becca.

The Weather Machine | Season 4 Episode 20


Talking Ben’s finally allowed to invent things again! But has he learned his lesson? Or will his inventions put the whole world at risk again?

PREMIERE! Space Rescue | Season 4 Episode 19


Talking Tom wins a free spaceship flight, but it might not be the exciting vacation he imagined…

Talking Tom

Keep up with Talking Tom and his brilliant words of wisdom.

⚡ TURN ON THE LASER POWER! ⚡ Epic New Gadgets in Talking Tom Hero Dash (GAME UPDATE)


⚡🦸 The NEW Talking Tom Hero Dash update is here — and it’s SUPER EPIC! 💪😎

Have you got the super skills necessary to take the battle to the next level? Then hop in your very own Laser Ship and get ready to blast those nasty raccoons out of the sky!

Or jump on your Jet Bike and race to the highway. The only thing standing between the world and total raccoon destruction is.

Talking Tom Hero Dash: NEW GADGET! 🏁 Epic Jet Bike RACE


🏁 Ready. Set. RACE! 🏁 It’s time to speed through the streets on your brand new JET BIKE! Prepare yourselves, guys – it’s FAST! 🏍️💨

My Talking Tom 2: 💥Mix It Up!💥


Are you ready to MIX IT UP in My Talking Tom 2?! The brand new update is here and it’s PACKED with all kinds of crazy fun!

My Talking Tom 2 : ✨Make wishes come true!✨


Talking Tom’s pets are waiting. And they want to PLAY! They want snacks and games. Bubbly bathtime and crazy drumming sessions. They have so many wishes! And now you can grant them!

Talking Angela

Check out the latest fashion and lifestyle tips from Talking Angela.

❄️ Winter Princess Dance with My Talking Angela 👸


❄️👸Winter magic has arrived in the new My Talking Angela update, #LittleKitties! Watch as I transform into a sparkling winter princess and dance on the most enchanted dance stage EVER! It’s like a dream come true. It’s like… MAGIC! ✨

And there’s more! We can take special wintry photos with frosty new filters and chill out on my snowy terrace. All we need now is a hot chocolate. Yum! This really is the most wonderful time of the year! Come and join me, #LittleKitties!

🎃 Halloween Dance Party with My Talking Angela (SPOOKY!)


It’s #Halloween!! 🎃 Have you heard that Talking Angela is throwing THE SCARIEST dance party of the year, #LittleKitties?! 🕷️😈

Put on your most SPOOKtacular costume, paint your BOOtiful face, grab some treats, and show your FANGtastic moves on the Halloween dancing stage! 💃👻

📸 Picture Perfect! 📸 My Talking Angela’s Photo Studio (NEW Game Update)


Lights, camera, ACTION! 😍 My new update is here!!! 😍 You can now take pictures of all your super chic looks in My Talking Angela! How amazing is that, #LittleKitties?!

There are backgrounds, totally fab filters, and loads of great outfits. Your album is gonna look ACE!

✨NEW Photo Studio in My Talking Angela 📸 (Gameplay)


Hey, #LittleKitties! Come and join me in my BRAND NEW photo studio. We’re going to be fashion superstars! We’ll do our makeup. Pick out cute outfits. And take the most amazing photos ever! Are you ready to strike a pose?! I am! Let’s go!

Talking Tom and Friends Minis

Mini in size, but massive in fun!

CRAZY GAMES – Talking Tom and Friends Minis Cartoon Compilation


From cooking contests and hide and seek, to skateboarding and selfies, it’s always fun and games when the Talking Tom and Friends Minis gang gets together!

Talking Tom and Friends Minis ALL EPISODES EVER


Things are about to get EPIC with Talking Tom and Friends Minis! We’ve got adventures underground, in the wilderness, and on mysterious islands. There are love stories, cooking competitions, and crazy fights. There’s celebrations, spooky nights, and even magic.

WACKY SPORTS – Talking Tom and Friends Minis Cartoon Compilation


Talking Tom and Friends sure know how to have fun! They ski, skate, direct movies, go on photo shoots, solve mysteries, and so much more!

Minis #59 – The Magic Show


When their friends need cheering up, Talking Tom and Talking Ben come up with an amazing plan! A plan so good, you might say it’s… magical!