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We're one of the fastest growing multinational family entertainment companies on the planet,
best known for the worldwide phenomenon, Talking Tom. Since 2010, our first game has grown from an overnight gaming success into an award-winning media franchise that entertains the whole world!

Here at Outfit7, we’re all about good, honest fun. It's what drives us and it's the reason why our Talking Tom and Friends franchise is known and loved by fans of all ages and generations in every single country on the planet!

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Up to 410 million monthly active users play with the 20+ fun, free-to-play games currently in our gaming suite.
And we take their trust seriously. We certify our games with PRIVO, an FTC-approved COPPA safe harbor program, and our major games are certified for compliance with the EU Data Protection Directive by ePrivacy.

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More than 32 million YouTube subscribers worldwide have joined the Talking Tom and Friends friendship so far! Episodes of the Talking Tom and Friends animated series have been watched over 7 BILLION TIMES!
And the funny jokes in the Talking Tom Shorts have made people laugh a whooping 26 billion times!

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