This Cookie Policy provides you with detailed information about how and when we use cookies. Furthermore, this Cookie Policy is applicable to any Outfit7's websites that links to this policy or is incorporated in it by reference.

A cookie is a small file, typically of letters and numbers, downloaded onto a device when the user accesses certain websites. Cookies are then sent back to the originating website on each subsequent visit. Cookies are useful because they allow a website to recognize a user's device. Cookies are used to keep track of your movements within the website, help you resume where you left off, remember your registered login, preferences and other customization functions. The website stores a corresponding file (with the same ID tag) to the one they set in your browser and in this file, they can track and keep information on your movements within the website and any information you may have voluntarily given while visiting the website.


The cookies that may be used on this website fall into the three categories described below. These descriptions can help you determine if and how you would like to interact with our website.


These cookies are essential in order to enable you to navigate this website and use certain features. Without these strictly necessary cookies, essential features like the display of this website, cannot be provided.


These cookies include analytics cookies, which provide us with data that allows us to better understand our users and improve the site based on what we have learned from that data. You can choose your preferences with regard to performance cookies in the cookie management tool.


We use session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies expire at the end of a browser session and persistent cookies are stored on a user's device in between browser sessions, which allows the preferences or actions of the user across a website (or in some cases across different websites) to be remembered.


Cookies can be used to remember your preferences and other customization functions. Cookies also enable us to provide you a personalized experience, which is in line with your settings.

Cookie Name Description Default Expiration Time
geolocation We collect user's country code for the purpose of checking if user comes from one of the EU countries and if the Cookie Notice needs to be shown. 1 year
cookielaw:enable This technical cookie stores the user's consent to the use of cookies on the website. 30 days
cookielaw:disable This technical cookie stores the user's objection to the use of cookies on the website. 30 days
detourprivacy This technical cookie stores flag about the user's redirection to the applicable Privacy Policy language. 30 days
detoureula This technical cookie stores flag about the user's redirection to the applicable EULA language. 30 days



Third party cookies are cookies that are set by a domain other that the one being visited by the user. Below you can find a list of third party cookies we use on our website:

  • GOOGLE ANALYTICS : We use the Google Analytics ga.js tracking script to track usage statistics about our visitors. You can find more about their setting of cookies here.
  • YOUTUBE: We use Youtube services for the display of content on our website. You can find more about their setting and use of cookies here.
  • FRESHDESK: We use Freshdesk for customer support services for our users on our website, You can find more about their setting of cookies here.

consent tool you agree that we can place cookies on your computer or device as described herein. If you would like to manage your cookie preferences or learn more about this practice and cookies placed by some or all of the third party companies, please click the link on the bottom of the page. Please be aware that if you do choose to disable the receipt of cookies from our Site, you may not be able to use or benefit from certain features of this website, particularly the features that are designed to customize your experience. You can find out more in our privacy policy.

POLICY Please check https://outfit7.com/cookies/ regularly for changes to our Cookie Policy, as we will occasionally update this Cookie Policy as necessary to protect our users, furnish current information and respond to legal and technical changes.


If you have any questions or concerns about our Cookie Policy please contact us through privacy@outfit7.com.

Outfit7 Cookie Policy, v 3.0, updated December 2020

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