Outfit7 Unveils New Game: Talking Ben AI

August 24, 2023

An Artificial Intelligence-Powered Companion in the Talking Tom & Friends Universe

Outfit7 announced the upcoming launch of their latest mobile game, Talking Ben AI, an artificial intelligence (AI) powered companion. The game's beta version is set to debut soon, initially rolling out in limited countries South Africa, Slovenia, and Cyprus.

The game will offer instant responses to a wide range of questions, allowing players to dive into real-time discussions, ask questions, and receive responses that reflect Talking Ben's unique personality.

“Talking Ben AI signals an exciting phase in the evolution of the Talking Tom & Friends franchise,” comments Miha Obal, VP of Game Production at Outfit.7. “Players will now be able to engage in conversations with one of our iconic characters, Talking Ben, and we’re excited to see even more fans across the globe jump in on the fun!”

Stay tuned for more updates as we anticipate Talking Ben AI's official release to a wider audience.

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