It’s Time To Enter The Arena in Mythic Legends

May 24, 2022

Mythic Legends is out now on all major platforms worldwide! Published by Outfit7 Neo, our brand-new strategy RPG offers adrenaline-fueled multiplayer battles, decks of incredibly powerful heroes, and constant progression and rewards.

Mythic Legends challenges players to build an elite army of warriors and compete for ultimate victory in the arena. And with each triumph – achieved through the use of warriors with martial and magical abilities and well-honed battle formations – they can boost their armies and unlock new fighters.

The game brings together the best elements of RPGs, strategy games, mobile RTS, and auto chess – and creates something entirely new. It features shorter and more flexible session times, innovative mechanics, and an accessible and compelling progression system.

“Mythic Legends is unlike anything we’ve ever created – or that’s existed on the mobile platform,” said Xinyu Qian, CEO of Outfit7. “Strategy games can sometimes feel daunting to get into, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the genre. But Mythic Legends encourages you to learn, offering a powerfully fun gameplay experience that’s packed with rewards and challenges. You can have a minute of action, or settle in and play for hours, optimizing the synergies of your fighters, dominating the Battle Board, and rising through the ranks.”

Players can now try to assemble the mightiest army the empire has ever seen, and unleash the power of beastmasters, knights, and sorcerers on their opponents. It’s available to download and play now:

Mythic Legends

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