London, United Kingdom.

Our own unique and trendy sanctuary in the British capital.


We foster a warm and inviting atmosphere all days of the week. Yes, Mondays too.


May all your unique oddities shine and shine bright.


There are 300+ languages spoken in London and our culture reflects this variety.

Need more reasons to love London?

London's team opens us up to the world.

But there are many other reasons you 
would love living and working in London.

Art & culture

Renowned for its theatrical innovation, contemporary art, pioneering music scene, and more.


Host to a melting pot of cultures, London is one of the world's most international cosmopolitan cities.


Travel back in time through the twisty back-streets, visit museums and meet the roaring T. rex.


From the alternative Camden scene, and concerts in Shoreditch to world-class theatres. London has it all.

Centre of innovation

Do you know the saying "being at the right place at the right time"? Well, London has to be it!


Walk through St. James's Park after work and go nuts.

All open roles in London.

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