January 12, 2017

Our brand new app, My Talking Hank, has arrived! Adopt Hank, the cutest, goofiest puppy around, and take care of him. Feed him delicious treats and let the good times start! He takes fun to the next level – watch the trailer and see for yourself!

My Talking Hank is filled with adventure. Set in the beautiful tropical islands of Hawaii, Hank wants you to explore his island home with him and take pictures of all the amazing wild animals that live there. Help Hank attract the animals out with food and toys, then take pictures of all of them to complete the photo album!

If you’re a fan of our tamagotchi-style apps and game mechanics like kitty collecting, then you’ll love My Talking Hank! Download this incredible new free-to-play game now. After all, Hank needs your ♥!

Launched on January 12th, My Talking Hank has kicked off the New Year with a bang. We’re also entering 2017 with a whopping 5.6 billion downloads across our entire app suite. What other awesome news will this brand new year bring?!