NEW GADGET! Power Up in Talking Tom Hero Dash
March 31, 2020

You’ve rocketed along roads on the Jet Bike. You’ve soared through the air on the epic Laser Ship. Now it’s time to… HYPERBOARD!

This awesome new super gadget is the latest, greatest way to stop the raccoon madness and help Talking Tom Heroes SAVE THE WORLD! With this supersonic gear, you can now zoom down into the ancient tunnels and rocket over the water to do battle with the evil Raccoon Boss. The roaring waves are no match for you and your super speed!

That’s not all! There are all-new EXCLUSIVE TIME-LIMITED EVENTS in the Talking Tom Hero Dash update. Whether you’re more of a Force of Nature or a Perfect Storm superhero, there’s a powerful new outfit to unlock… If you’ve got the skills!

Be a hero and check out the new Talking Tom Hero Dash update now!