We’re Going to Plant 30,000 Trees for Earth Day!

As part of our Earth Day action this year, we’re going to help plant at least 30,000 trees around the world and raise awareness of the importance of trees to the overall health of the planet. 

We’re hosting a special in-game event called “Grow & Go” in our most popular endless runner, Talking Tom Gold Run. Players will be invited to run and collect special water droplets in order to care for their in-game trees, helping them grow and unlocking rewards along the way. We’ll then donate all of the game’s revenue from in-app purchases made during the event to help plant trees.

Trees are vital to the health of our planet. They clean the air we breathe and meaningfully contribute to cooling the planet. Forests are also home to over three-quarters of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity. Their impact is massive. And yet deforestation is a serious problem worldwide; some estimates suggest that 46% of the world’s forests have been destroyed.

“Our commitment to giving back is at the heart of our culture at Outfit7,” said Xinyu Qian, CEO of Outfit7. “Last year, employees from across the company came together to help us build a playground, plant trees, host a coding school for children, and more. Our Earth Day campaign this year is another great activation in which we can use the power of our brand to make a positive impact where it is truly needed.”

To help with global reforestation efforts, all our Talking Tom Gold Run in-app purchase revenue generated during Grow & Go will go to the environmental non-profit, One Tree Planted. The organization plants a tree for every dollar donated, aiming to restore forests and biodiversity habitats, as well as making a positive social impact. 

The Grow & Go event goes live in Talking Tom Gold Run today and runs until May 2, 2022. To play your part, Talking Tom Gold Run can be downloaded on all major platforms worldwide here.