Introducing the New Outfit7 Website

January 24, 2023
Mikael Masson, Marketing Strategist

Designed and developed by our amazing team, and fueled by hard work, laughter, and many cups of tea and coffee, the brand new Outfit7 website is now live and we couldn’t be more excited about it!

The journey to this moment started in late 2021. We wanted to refresh our website to further develop our online presence, provide our visitors with a more informative and dynamic space to engage with us, and expand our own creative space. And so we got to work. The result? We’ve created a completely rebranded website with a modern, fresh look that stays true to who we are and where we want Outfit7 to go next. It gives better access to our story and our work, as well as provides a new Careers page and an improved News & Blog section.

How did it all start?

When our team embarked on our brand repositioning journey over a year and a half ago, it was a time of both outward exploration and deep introspection. Together, we were able to rediscover ourselves, and so we set about repositioning from a company focused on family entertainment to a house of brands that reaches diverse audiences worldwide.

We realized that for Outfit7, our core brand, to be able to grow, expand, and diversify, it needed its own universe. And we believed that our flagship brand, Talking Tom & Friends, also deserved more recognition and a presence of its own. We felt that to give both brands the space they needed to grow, the next logical step would be to give them their own individual websites.

How did we make it work?

Creating one website is never an easy feat – let alone working on two simultaneously. From the initial kick-off, we knew that we had to involve everyone in the process, from brand strategists to business development and talent acquisition specialists. And we put great emphasis on our team members collaborating and helping in each stage of the work. Every person involved brought their own unique and personal input to the website, which ensured that the design, content, and imagery of the finished site truly reflects our personality.

As with all new websites, we came up with all kinds of new ideas and changed our minds about how certain pages would look and feel, tweaking things along the way. Most importantly, we learned a lot about our work, each other, and our audiences in the process.

What’s new?

The new website – – has been designed to offer a clear and engaging experience for all our visitors. Among the new features, the site now has a dedicated careers section that opens up our recruitment process and offers a streamlined job application process. It also contains integrated social media buttons for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn in order to foster improved communication with all our audiences. And moving forward, we will be constantly updating and adding to the content with helpful information, stories, and news articles. 

Over on, we’re shining a spotlight on the characters and their adventures, giving fans and new visitors a chance to interact and build relationships with their friends. We’ve added engaging new features, like mini-games, character talk-back functions, and downloadable content, to boost audience engagement with the brand in meaningful and value-adding ways. And we’ve given unlimited and free access to our complete library of Talking Tom & Friends video content, from gameplays and trailers to our globally popular animated series, as well as access to our portfolio of games. 

What’s next?

Websites are living and breathing things, and we’re excited that the new Outfit7 site will continue to grow and develop with us. So be sure to check it out from time to time, and find out about our latest news and projects. Watch this space!

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