Repositioning Our Brand to Stay True to Who We Are

October 13, 2021
Milica Bercek, Senior Marketing Strategist, and Jaka Neon, ex Art Director

For a company to be successful over a long period of time, there has to be a constant itch to create. To not just get better at what you’re doing, but also be daring enough to reach into the unknown and conquer new territories.

Outfit7’s first decade was closely tied to Talking Tom & Friends. And rightfully so. It helped lead us to where we are today and redefined the mobile games landscape along the way. Its massive global success meant there was always plenty to do, from creating new characters and entering new mobile gaming genres, to tapping into different entertainment ecosystems. Before long, our portfolio had expanded from mobile games to media content, a successful licensing and merchandising business, offline entertainment parks, and more. One thing kept leading to another.

But now, after so many years on the market, we knew we were ready for something different. To create and explore new brands, new genres, and new worlds. To pull out all those ideas we gathered over years, and make them happen. But there was one thing in the way. Us. Our corporate brand wasn’t ready. It was promising the world Talking Tom & Friends and nothing more. So we had to recreate our promise.

Opening ourselves up to new possibilities

Talking Tom & Friends remains the cornerstone of our portfolio. And, no matter what, our promise with the brand remains the same – family-friendly fun for fans around the world.

But with the creation of new brands, we have to open ourselves up to new possibilities and new audiences. To fully explore that, we had to expand our thinking and step beyond the expectations and familiarity of Tom.

The first step was to ask ourselves a few questions: What makes Outfit7 what it is? And why, as a team, do we do what we do?

Action time

We knew that to make our company’s renewed brand resonate with the world, it first had to resonate with us. So, as a team, we got to work. People from different parts and all levels of the company added their voices to the process. And together we rediscovered exactly who we are – and who we choose to be moving forwards.

The result of our work is a corporate identity that reflects our growth from a single-brand company focused on family entertainment, to a house of brands that reaches diverse audiences. We’re not defined by the products we create – but by the act of creation itself.

We’ve found ourselves, and found our voice. And we will use that voice for the right causes and in meaningful ways. As a team, we have a lot to say and a lot to offer to the world.

The secret sauce

Mobile games are our bread and butter. That hasn’t changed. We are game makers at our core. It’s what we do and what we’re passionate about.

The thing that truly sets us apart is why and how we do what we do. It’s about our creativity and the culture we’ve built and nurtured over all these years, driven by our values. We want to create and bring joy to people.

A renewed direction deserves a new look

Emboldened by this deeper understanding of ourselves, we were able to craft a new visual look.

We like our logo – it’s been our signature for years. We just had to make sure that it reflected who we are now. So we’ve sharpened its edges, slimmed down the font weight, and adjusted the color scheme, giving it an edgier look and feel.

With anthracite gray as our first choice primary color, complemented by a range of energetic secondary shades, we have created a design that is powerful enough to stand on its own, but neutral enough to represent all the diverse brands we plan to shape in the future.

The number seven means a lot to us, so we made sure that it was incorporated, with seven colors and seven symbols, each of which was crafted to represent a letter of our brand name. And with those elements, we can create numerous looks that give us a dynamic, contemporary visual identity.

Ready to conquer new territory

After our brand repositioning, our personality and purpose are clear. Our culture and core are solid. Our visual identity speaks for who we are. And our love for and dedication to gaming – and global gaming audiences – is stronger than ever.

The promise we made with Talking Tom & Friends was to deliver family-friendly and accessible entertainment. We’ve repositioned ourselves so we can experiment without breaking that promise.

Now we’re ready for our next chapter. This is our playground, your game.

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